Male grooming has evolved  so much over the last two years! From the classic ”short back & sides” to the ”sleek tailored look”. Men are now experimenting more with their hair such as, Blow Drying, Straightening and using styling products. Beards have been a massive hit over the past 2 years, in the male market. Here at the salon we also offer beard trims! So you don’t need to worry about your beard again!

Are you seeking hair advice? Do you want a new look?

Then here at The Style Guru’ our friendly team specialize in men’s hair.

Why not pop in for a chat with one of our Sassoon professional stylists and get some ideas, tips and to look through the latest styles. 

If you would like an individual quote or a complimentary consultation please call our friendly team to book an appointment on 0118 930 2317.


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